IT Managed Services by UNL

     To make sure we cater for everyone’s needs, we offer a full suite of Linux and Windows hosting services, including managed enterprise-level IT Project, our cloud hosting, dedicated VPS server and a wide selection of shared hosting packages. For those with more complex needs, we are also experts in putting together bespoke solutions, both in respect of the technology you need and the levels of management and support you want us to put in place on your behalf. 
     We (UNL) constantly invest in upgrading our hardware appliances to the latest technology to ensure our customers’ websites, apps and data remain available and perform optimally at all times. This goes beyond just having the best hardware, it also means making use of advanced monitoring equipment and providing the expertise to keep our systems operating at their best. Regardless of whether you have shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers or cloud hosting, you can be assured you are in safe hands.
     UNL, we’re extremely proud of the quality of the services we provide for our customers and thrive on delivering customer satisfaction. Please check more detail information in "services" menu of our website (or) you can directly contact to our office for more services. 

Available Products for one-stop IT Project

     Customer Satisfaction with the results of any project depends upon an up-front understanding of the Customer's needs and agreement with the Customer on how the project will address those needs. A precise and accurate scope of work is essential to accomplishing these ends.
     We (UNL) provide an easy-to-navigate graphical aid in understanding how to execute the project and project schedule. That’s the reason why between our project team and the Customer understand the project and its expected results.
     Our (UNL) is also available the following products to provide your IT project and specialized for one-stop IT solution.